23 JUL 21

Rainwater Pipe and Soil Vent Pipe Cleaning & Descaling

Gracewood Construction will commence cleaning and descaling of the RWP & SVP pipes.

Works will commence on Monday 26th July to 30th July from 08:30 – 16:00.

All works will take place from the roof, and the team will not need access to your property.

The cleaning and descaling will be by way of a mechanical picote and a high water pressure jet; this will leave the interior of the pipework from scale and return the pipework to full flow.

The engineers will need to access the drain chambers via the manhole covers in the front gardens of the ground floor properties. All gardens will be photographed to ensure they are reinstated to the same standard once works are complete.



05 MAY 21


We will be erecting scaffold to Windermere House in the very near future. Our current programme anticipates that erection of this scaffolding will start from Monday, 17th May 2021.

As before, can we please ask you to be aware of the signage and guidance in place around the block for you own safety. If you should have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate in contacting one of the Gracewood Liaison Officers or East End Homes Estate Management.

As scaffolding works progress you will be aware of contractors operating in close proximity to your property. These contractors will be working in a safe and professional manner but to avoid any incidents, can we please ask that you keep blinds and curtains closed for privacy reasons.

As the scaffolding is erected, there will be a requirement for elements of this scaffolding to sit in your garden areas (where applicable). This will consist of the main leg of the scaffold sitting on a short board or base plate. We apologise for this in advance and will keep any inconvenience down to a minimum. You will have the continued use of your garden area and the working platform of the scaffold will be wrapped or have netting to limit dust.

Please also note that because of the location and required use of the scaffold, the play areas will be closed and the area will be safely secured for obvious reasons.

We will make every effort to carry out and complete the works as quietly, cleanly and efficiently as possible. When we are not on site (weekends etc) the scaffold will be secured and we will make every effort to maintain this security throughout the duration of the works.

We will be working hard to make sure that our work causes you as little inconvenience as possible and would like to thank you in advance for your co-operation.



01 APR 21


Gracewood Construction will be replacing the water pump that supplies Wentworth Mews.

Works will commence on Thursday 8 April to 23 April 2021 from 8 am – 16:00 Monday to Friday.

The water will need to be turned off intermittently throughout the works to enable all preparation work. Your water supply shouldn’t be interrupted as the tanks hold a large amount of water.

Once the preparation works are completed, Gracewood will need to turn the water off for 4 to 6 hours. On this day, I would ask that you minimise your water usage, i.e. not take a bath/shower, use your washing machine or dishwashers during the specified hours; this will allow for normal water usage such as cooking and hot and cold drinks.

When I know the water will be switched off, I will notify you with as much advanced warning as possible.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Jenny via email or via phone on 07852 989652.



23 MAR 21


Gracewood Construction apologises for the inconvenience caused by the outage of the power cable connect to the buildings extraction system.

An engineer will be onsite on Friday 26th March 2021.

There will be a temporary outage to your Sky system for a few hours during the day.



21 FEB 21


Gracewood Construction would like to reassure residents that strict guidelines and social distancing measures for workers on our site have been introduced and are closely monitored at all times.

Gracewood Construction will display full details of the safety measures implemented on notice boards around the estate.



08 JAN 21


The scheme at Wentworth Mews comprises of three new fully wheelchair assessable units on the ground floor of the existing block.


  • Site set up, demolition and measured surveys are all completed.
  • The detailed design is in progress.



The scheme at Windermere House will produce a total of 50 new homes.  Works are on-going to the eight ground floor flats which will be fully wheelchair assessable.


  • Demolition of internal masonry walls is underway.  Once completed hoarding will be erected to secure the former garages.
  • Scaffold access towers and edge protection have been installed around the block including hoardings.
  • Drainage surveys have been completed.


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Site Liason: 07852 989652

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